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Wed Oct 11, 2017 - 1 week ago

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Asst Mgr, Customer Analytics

**Job Title:** Asst Mgr, Customer Analytics

**Requisition #:** 1704878

**AssistantManager, Customer Analytics**

Union is changing. Yes, we're the company that moves money around the world
quickly and reliably in 200 countries and territories. We are also present in
over 510,000 agent locations bringing immense distribution and convenience to
our consumers. But we are much more than that. We are a leader in billing and
payment processing serving many vertical markets. That means aggressively
pursuing biller prospects to provide both electronic billing and payment and
walk-in payment services. So if you're looking for a leading company on the
move - and truly one of the most diverse work environments on the planet - then
Western Union could be for you.

Right now,
we are seeking an Assistant Manager, Customer Analytics to work from our
Englewood, CO location.

+ Thisrole will focus on driving andsupporting specific business growth initiatives at Western Union by utilizingadvanced analytics techniques to provide meaningful insights informing keybusiness decisions. Majority of project work will be focused on W1 orsupporting strategic initiatives.

+ This role will require significant contributions to multiplelarge-scale, cross-functional strategic growth projects at any given time, withstakeholders varying from company executives (EVP) on down. Also required willbe collaboration with resources from Analytics, Finance, Business Intelligenceand P&L business owners to align on insights, recommendations and steps forward.

+ The ideal candidate will drive projects and partner withorganizational leadership from conception to implementation. As well as assistwith the execution of pilot programs that test new concepts and delivertangible business growth.

+ The role requires very hands-on analytic work as well as theability to work with other team resources to scale efforts efficiently. Majorityof the time will be spent framing analytic problems, querying databases andperforming various analytic / statistical techniques. Creating presentationdecks and presenting results and recommendations to key stakeholders in a clearand concise manner will be critical to the success of this role.

**Analysis Framing**

The role frequently calls for discussions with business
leaders to address a particular question or insight which could inform a key
decision. The job then becomes to correctly interpret what exactly the often
non-technical business partner is actually looking to understand, then
translate sometimes simple and sometimes complex business issues logically into
a problem that can be solved by using both traditional and innovative analytic
techniques. This includes laying out what data is required, where the data
resides, how to get the data, and what to do with the data once it is obtained.
Framing and structuring the analysis correctly is the single most key
requirement of the position.


Once the analysis is well structured, the candidate must
gather the requisite data by querying large scale relational databases,
including Oracle, Netezza, Hive and potentially others as new technologies are
adopted by WU. Intricate, expert-level knowledge of SQL is essential to
navigating these databases. The role also requires management of offshore
resources in India to perform additional data querying tasks as required.

**Applicationof Analytic Techniques**

Once the requisite data is obtained, the job is to manipulate
the data using advanced analytic techniques to solve the issue at hand.
Particular focus will be around omni-channel customer analytics concepts and
themes. The work itself can range from creating histograms and probability
distributions to setting up valid design of experiments to more advanced
concepts like estimating demand elasticities, predictive modeling and other
statistical techniques. The end result must be a data-driven outcome to inform
a business decision or drive a strategic insight.

**Presentationof Findings**

When the data work is complete, it must be pulled together in
a clear, concise and coherent fashion. Presentation decks must be created and
vetted by other team members. The role will be responsible for presenting
findings to both junior and senior-level folks in the organization. There will
be many politically sensitive / charged topics discussed in these meetings, and
it will be the responsibility of the candidate to navigate sometimes
treacherous waters in an artful and respectful way.

In addition: the candidate must be:

+ Extremely self-motivated, accountable, resultsoriented and comfortable working in an unstructured business environment

+ Must be able to think independently with aproblem-solving mindset, and operate well with minimal supervision

+ Must have an autonomy to make business-impactingrecommendations, including recommendations involving pricing and agent networkexpansion.


+ Quantitative (i.e. Engineering, Economics,Business Administration) bachelor degree required, MBA or other advanced degreepreferred

+ Highly ambitious - seeks accountability in achallenging business environment and thrives on success in the marketplacethrough innovative problem solving

+ Proficiency with Tableau, Alteryx, Oracle,Netezza and Hive with expert command of SQL

+ Statistics background with command of SAS / R aplus, as well as the following specific concepts / techniques: price elasticityanalysis, consumer demand modeling, CHAID, experimental design (DoE),regression (logistic and OLS), principal component and factor analysis, timeseries analysis and forecasting.

+ 4-8 years in Management Consulting, Analytics,Strategic Planning.

+ Prior professional experience in FinancialServices / Banking field a plus

+ Experience collaborating closely with businessstakeholders, utilizing advanced analytic techniques to generate insights toinform key business decisions

+ Must be a clear communicator, capable ofpresenting analytic findings to small groups of senior-level business owners