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If you are tired of posting your resumes on the same old job boards, with the same old lack of results,  then you have come to the right place. We know that employers don't hire a resume, they hire a Person! That person could be you!  So how can you let your prospective employer know that you have what it takes? For starters you are NOT stuck with a piece of paper! Of course you can you fill out our online resume, post your pre-written resume, save a cover letter and save yet another pre-written resume if you choose.

Next you can take the steps to be an aggressive job seeker. Make your resume more personal with a current photo. Record and upload an audio introduction, giving you a chance to tell the employer why you're the best candidate BEFORE the interview. Upload samples of your work. Lets say you paint houses, then upload some pictures of your completed work. Maybe you build web sites, upload a screen shot of your work. Does your work involve writing? Then upload some of your work in a text file. Have letters of recommendation? Upload them as well! You can even upload a flash video resume or samples of your past work. Premium member? you will have more space available for your portfolio. * some features are available to premium job seekers only

How can you use the site? First

Register  It's FREE and gives you access to our many basic membership features when you Log In

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Browse Jobs

Just like reading the paper you can look through the ads. When you see a listing that catches your eye just click on the "more" link for more details.

Search Jobs

We not only have our advanced search but we give you the ability to make and save your own custom search. you can even have the search results sent to you on your schedule.

Post Your Resume

You are an individual NOT just a resume! Show employers who you are with a cover letter,  resume, a photo, an audio and/or video introduction, and samples of your work.


You may set your preferences where no one (except one of our managers) may view your personal profile. For additional privacy you may specify contact by our internal private mail system. Also even if you allow employer access to your portfolio in your gallery you may hide some of your files that you don't want seen by clicking on properties and checking "hide from public view".

Upload Your Portfolio

To allow your prospective employer see all of your work, you will need to grant access to your gallery in your preferences. This will allow only Employers not other job seekers  access to your gallery. Videos will only be accepted in flash (your video.swf). Please contact your account manager if you need assistance converting your video from another format or uploading any of your files.


Need help writing a resume or creating a professional portfolio? Our 3rd party resources will be glad to assist.


You are not alone in your search. Share your ideas and tips in our nationwide forum. Run an idea up the flag pole. Post your experiences in your own blog. Check or add job fairs to our forum calendar. * some features are available to premium job seekers only

Personal Control Panel

Here you can add, post and edit your listing. Upload files. Check your LocalHelpWanted email. Check your hotlist for jobs you've saved . Create and save customized automatic searches. View and update your profile and preferences as well as upgrade your account.

Premium Service  *Free access for a limited time -Reg $7.95 month -$13.95 setup

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         * Upload video resumes and videos of your work
         * 25 Megs of Gallery space
         * Your listing will stay online for 180 days
         *Save up to 150 jobs to your hotlist
         * Red carpet service. (Your local account manager will review your listing and portfolio and offer suggestions upon request)